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PrepPath Pricing

Digital tools for your HSE Center

Starter Bundle


Enhance curriculum for your learners with over 1,500 pre-designed assignments and the capability to create custom assignments.


  • Administrator, Teacher and Student Accounts
  • Over 1,500 pre-designed assignments
  • Track student progress
  • Generate Reports on HSE modules
  • 45 day reusable licenses
  • Includes 10 Student Accounts ($97.50 value!)

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Additional 10 Student Bundle

$9.75 per student

Have more than 10 students? Use the PrepPath 10 student bundle to prepare for the new computerized tests.


  • Highlighting capabilities
  • ReadSpeaker text-to-speech tool
  • Drop down calculator
  • Formulas with equation editor
  • 45 day reusable licenses

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GradeCam Add-On

$2.00 per student

Easily grade paper based activity via printed bubble sheet using a scanning device.


  • Grading for offline assignments
  • Reduce scoring and assessment time for the instructor
  • Immediate feedback for the student via a progress report
  • Print the bubble sheets from Castle Software Inc.
  • Easy scanning via webcam or document camera
  • Easy differentiation by student

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Health/Life Skills Add-On

$1.85 per student

The Health components area provides content covering a variety of health-related topics.


  • Content support to life skills, careers, healthy lifestyles, etc.
  • Topics include Mental & emotional health, Family living & healthy relationships, Nutrition and more
  • Support with instructional feedback as the learner goes through their questions
  • Grading assessment for progress tracking
  • 2,200+ questions

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Custom Services

Price varies

Other services offered by PrepPath (Castle Software Inc.)
Contact a PrepPath Representative for pricing*

*Site Licensing availability for larger Institutions- quoted based on qualifying numbers


  • TABE aligned assignment bundle
  • Vocational Applications

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PrepPath has streamlined teacher to student interaction and has encouraged increased participation amongst our diverse adult population. I find the program easy to navigate, allowing all necessary participants immediate online access to student progress. Anyone interested in implementing technology into their classroom should explore what PrepPath and their team of professionals have to offer.

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