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About PrepPath

Our Mission:

To engage learners of all ages in an ongoing conversation through technology that facilitates growth, breaks down educational barriers, and empowers individuals to catapult themselves into the next phase of their careers and lives.

Adults need a platform that helps them prepare for careers or for college.  Without a digital literacy foundation, adults lack the upper hand when competing for placement in the job market.  

PrepPath helps all high school equivalency students 'catch up on basic education' while developing 21st Century workforce and collegiate level skills.

Christy Williams, PrepPath

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Providing Support to Millions of Teachers and Students

Castle Software Inc., the maker of PrepPath, has provided online instructional support to millions of teachers and students over the past 28 years.  We’re passionate about supporting teachers in efforts to teach, inspire, and empower their students.  

PrepPath is born out of the belief that all people have the ability to achieve and succeed.  Our HSE preparation platform incorporates our vast experience and supportive material in all core academic areas and Spanish. We go to work every day to empower students at every learning level to confidently move down the path toward their high school equivalency and career goals.

high school equivalency teacher

Benefits of Using PrepPath for Teachers:

  • Assessment preparation material for all major components of the HSE exam.
  • Over 1500 educator-designed assignments designed to pinpoint target deficiencies identified in the GED™ Exam.
  • Statistics on individual student growth to provide valuable, just in time insight and quickly identify growth opportunities for students.
  • Live support team available via chat or phone.



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HSE Students

Benefits of Using PrepPath for Students:

  • Flexible online platform allowing students to prepare anytime and anywhere they have internet access.
  • Instant feedback with hints for incorrect answers and reasons, which provides an explanation to the problem.
  • Opportunity for self-generated sessions to practice specific skills on their own.
  • Innovative, in-browser text-to-speech tool to support developing readers.
  • Growing bank of questions in Spanish.
  • Continual reinforcement of vocabulary encourages retention and skill improvement while building upon fundamental concepts.
  • Vocabulary and reading strategies to continually improve baseline knowledge.  


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