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HSE Preparation Platform

How Can PrepPath Help You and Your Students?

PrepPath is the most comprehensive, customizable solution
used to prepare adult learners for any high school equivalency test.

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A Custom Platform that Changes
with HSE and Your Students

  • Create customized programs to accommodate students at every level
  • Content evolves with the changing HSE landscape to reflect updated concepts and formats
  • Extra features increase student learning and capabilities:

Spanish Translation
Vocabulary Development
Instructional Feedback via Hints and Reasons

Digital Literacy that Goes Beyond HSE

  • Build computer skills so adult learners acquire skills needed in the workplace and increase their chances of getting hired
  • Online practice familiarizes students with digital format
  • Questions and answers are all in similar styles to digital HSE exams
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Expedite the Learning Process with Instant Feedback

  • Assessments allow teachers to track students’ progress and give feedback
  • Locate areas where students may be struggling and provide instant online assistance
  • Extensive reporting allows teachers to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses allowing teachers to provide customized teaching and feedback

Challenge and Improve Students’ Skills with a Vast Content Library

  • Study questions provided in four main modules to align with any HSE exam:

Social Studies
Language Arts

  • Over 110,000 questions and growing
  • Content is organized into specific sections that allow teachers and students to focus on the material they need to learn to move forward in a subject and concentrate on areas in which students’ may be struggling
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Learn how you can support your students on the path to High School Equivalency. PrepPath offers a comprehensive tool designed to break down educational barriers and empower your students.

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