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We Provide Content for Your Students in ALL of the HSE 

Module Areas

PrepPath provides the necessary tools for instructors to support students where they need it with comprehensive practice in the four major areas of study.


Our ever-evolving content provides students with the exact information necessary to succeed on any high school equivalency exam. Our database of over 110,000 study questions is continually evaluated to stay current with students' needs.


New Features

Reasoning Through Language Arts

Guide students in reading fiction and nonfiction text closely, synthesizing ideas, writing clearly, and making logical inferences to comprehend written text.


Download Sample Language Arts Assignment


Mathematical Reasoning

Create challenges for students to develop deeper understandings of the fundamentals of math, including quantitative and algebraic problem solving applied to realistic situations.


Download Sample Math Assignment



Allow students to practice scientific reasoning and procedural skills in the three domains of science including Life, Physical, and Earth and Space in context relevant to the real-world.


Download Sample Science Assignment


Social Studies

Prepare students by exploring the fundamentals of Civics and Government, U.S. History, Economics, Geography and the World to create meaning today.


Download Sample Social Studies Assignment