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PrepPath empowers instructors to learn more about their adult learners in a seamless, simple process. They can adapt assignments, introduce new concepts or review sections based on student need.

As a result, students learn faster and are better prepared for any high school equivalency test.

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Customized programs

Easily create ‘just right challenges’ for each individual student, which leads them through a customized and targeted test prep process.

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Expedited results

Access instant feedback to quickly identify student deficiencies, make changes and/or guide the student.

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I have used Prep Path daily. Our students have a TASC test scheduled for the end of next week, PrepPath has been very beneficial for preparing them. I have used it for group reviews, issuing assignments and printed hard-copies. Class time is now better spent going over the assignments to create further discussions.Today I discovered the test resources they will be ideal for review leading into exam time. I look forward to exploring more methods for using PrepPath.

G. Dusckas Jefferson Lewis BOCES, Adult Education

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Comprehensive preparation material

Give your students more opportunities to learn what they need to with over 110,000 study questions. Content undergoes an ongoing evaluation process. We never stop working for you.

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21st Century skills

Are your students future ready? Empower them with the skills they’ll need both for the HSE test and in their occupation. 

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21st Century Skills

Comprehensive Preparation

Our ready-to-assign exercises and assignments cover the full range of HSE Modules and Subject Areas. Including:

  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • ELA
  • Science
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