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High School Equivalency Test Resources

HSE Practice Assignments

Science Assignment

Help students ace the Science portion of the test by testing their knowledge of the universe, photosynthesis, respiration and fermentation.
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Social Studies Assignment

Reinforce your students’ knowledge of government checks and balances and natural resources while practicing interpreting data from charts and diagrams.
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Language Arts Assignment

Test a student's ability to identify improper capitalization, compose thoughtful answers with supporting evidence, interpret tables and more.
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Math Assignment

Sharpen your students’ skills in computing area and perimeter, sketching and interpreting graphs and identifying range and domain.
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Find out exactly what your students need to succeed on any HSE exam.

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Equipping adult students with
Future Ready Skills

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Learn strategies to help your students overcome literacy challenges.

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Learn how you can support your students on the path to High School Equivalency. 



Create An Education Program to Support All Your Students

Learn how assessment tools combined with customized reporting can quickly identify students' strengths and weaknesses to expedite the learning process.

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PrepPath Product Demonstration

PrepPath offers a comprehensive tool designed to break down educational barriers and empower your students.

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Making Material Accessible via Electronic Delivery

Learn to develop personal content and design questions with images, audio and video to supplement your existing assignments.

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Ongoing Live Webinars

Does Your Education Program Have a High Transient Population?

Join the PrepPath team as we showcase how our new license type will offer some relief for the transient nature of adult learners.

PrepPath Tailors Instruction To The Learner...

During this session the PrepPath team will show you how to design assignments to hone the skills of the learner, at the achievement of the learner.

PrepPath Demonstration

Join the PrepPath team as we showcase how to use their preparation application to expedite results on the High School Equivalency exam.

Is Your Staff In Need of Just-in-Time Training?

PrepPath is excited to announce our new training platform for users of the software. Participants of this workshop need to have a trial account or or active account with PrepPath.

Do You Have Great Materials That You Would Like to See Accessible Via Electronic Delivery?

Join the PrepPath team as we discuss how to use your own materials from your instruction. You will learn how to add in audio, video and documents.

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